Thursday, June 5, 2014

Powerful Women's Perfume, Not For It's Scent, But For It's Takedown Voltage!

3.5 Million Volts of self defense is not to be taken lightly… It's hard to imagine that such a beautiful, yet discrete weapon for women can be so powerful.

Introducing our newest self defense unit to our store, the Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts! Handy because you can just slip into your purse and always have it available in case of an emergency. We all know that crime against women, is the most rampant in our society. Be it at home, like domestic violence, to college rape and even sexual harassment at work. This weapon is a must for all women in our society, because grant it, most of us are physically weaker than men.

If you are serious about your safety, owning a powerful yet discrete stun gun will give you the upper hand you need to protect yourself. It's a no brainer to use and demands respect, by just simply firing it into the air… The sound alone, will deter someone from getting too close! But if they get brave and get in your space, simply touching them for 3 to 5 seconds, will drop them to the ground. If you keep touching them, they will eventually fall into a dazed state of mind and will loose total muscle control! Read it's features for women's protection below.

Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts Features
• Powerful takedown voltage for self defense
• Discrete weapon, attacker is caught off guard
• Rechargeable, no batteries needed
• LED light, aimed at attacker, temporarily blinds
• Small, measures 5 inches tall by 1 inch round
• Cap to store safely in pocket or purse
• Available in pink and purple
• Lifetime warranty from any manufacturer defect

This is one perfume, you definitely can't do without… Even if it doesn't have a fragrance!

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