Friday, June 20, 2014

You Might Think Your Daughter Has No Clue About Safety

Of course, if she's been in a dangerous situation, you won't hear it from her! Your daughter will not risk her liberty, by telling you. So instead of confronting her, simply let her know that she needs to think about carrying some protection.
I know, because when I was young, I realized that there were some scumbags around or worse, rapists. And what did I do for protection? I made myself a self defense weapon of my own. I went to a toy store and purchased a water pistol. When I got home, I added ammonia into it instead of water! First I made sure the pistol wasn't dripping and then I placed it in my purse. My ammonia pistol was kept in my purse whenever I went Disco dancing in the late 70's!

But now I realize that it wasn't so smart to have my water pistol concoction with me at all times to defend myself from rapists. I could have been sued by someone if I had sprayed ammonia into an individual's eyes and damaged their vision permanently! Luckily, I never had to use my water pistol for personal protection.

So, even if your daughter might not admit that she's been in some trouble, she might have! So it's best if you inform her now, about what she can use for self defense. Her brain is still developing and she might not be very wise yet, but she will appreciate you guiding her towards a safer lifestyle.

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