Monday, September 28, 2015

Did You Know That Mace Carries Pepper Spray That Includes TEAR GAS In It?

It's called Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Soft Case. Included are pepper spray, UV marking dye and TEAR GAS, hence the word, triple action!
Women or men can have peace of mind when carrying this self defense unit. Backed by the Mace brand, for it's dependability and effectiveness in stoping an attacker or rapist. This leatherette case, that also includes TEAR GAS, will protect you within a 10 foot distance and can reach up to 5 one second bursts.

The TEAR GAS, along with the pepper spray heat will devastate an attacker. Women should aim the self defense spray toward the eyes of an attacker, but also to his nose and mouth. It will make him temporarily blind, because of all the burning sensation, for which he will have to slam his eyes shut! The pepper spray will also make his face burn and can also reach his respiratory system, making him start to cough and be totally helpless... The Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Soft Case unit, also includes a convenient keyring.

The black case of the unit, protects it from discharging accidentally. But remember to open the case and have it ready to shoot for self defense, if you feel insecure regarding your surroundings.

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