Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tasers Are Used By Police In Many Countries, You Can Get A CITIZEN Unit, Too!

The Taser C2 was made for citizen's self defense back in July of 2009. It revolutionized how CITIZENS could defended themselves without the police, reaches 15 feet and was built with women in mind! 


Taser International wanted a non lethal, self defense weapon, that didn't have a kick-back and could easily be handled by women. Of course, it also had to be attractive and available in many colors! The beauty of this weapon captured women's attention, back then... It's still being sold to women and yes, to men as well.

Taser C2 Features You Might Ask?
1. Reaches 15 feet away, comfortable distance from attacker
2. Laser aiming, red dot indicates where top prongs land
3. LED light, to brightens surroundings and shines into attacker's eyes
4. If cartridge used, it can also work as a stun gun
5. Automatic, if placed on ground it works for 30 secs. while you escape
6. No kickback, it won't hurt your shoulder when you deploy it
7. No need to clean gun powder, because it doesn't have any
9. Taser International replaces the unit if stolen, w/police record

The Taser C2 was made for women's self defense, is similar to police units, reaches 15 feet, simple to use and effective against attackers!

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