Thursday, September 3, 2015

Do You Know What A Dummy Security Camera Is?

A Dummy Security Camera is a fake unit that you can place in your business or outside your home, to deter robbers from trespassing!
They are called dummy, because they look like real surveillance cameras, but in fact, they don't really record any incidents. You see, they look like the real thing to burglars or trespassers, therefore making intruders think twice before entering your business or home! Fake cameras with flashing red lights, look like the real thing because they are made from the shell of real units, but of course, they don't record.

Fake surveillance units can save you or your business a lot of money! One example is the Dummy Security Camera Bullet Style IR Black. It's impressive and even includes a flashing red light, that makes it look like the real deal! Intruders, or even customers (if you have a store), will think twice, before they steal from your store or home, if a security unit is in plain view.

Having a flashing red light, surveillance unit in your place of business or home, is a good idea... It will also look more professional to your customers, as well.

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