Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mace KeyGuard Is Compact With Convenient Keyring And Also REFILLABLE!

Small is sometimes better, when it comes to discreet self defense. This unit goes unnoticed, yet when aimed at an attacker's eyes, it's devastating... Plus, it's also REFILLABLE!
Have you heard of the Mace KeyGuard? If not, you might want the details of this handy self defense unit... Only measuring 3.25 inches in length, this compact unit, doesn't only protect your keys! It shoots devastating heat into a rapist or attacker's face. Causing incredible burning sensation on the eyes, nose and mouth. It also makes the skin burn, as well! When sprayed toward the eyes, it prevents the attacker or rapist from seeing you, due to all the pain from the refillable Mace KeyGuard. He will immediately shut his eyes!

Us ladies might be the weaker link, but not when we carry with us this incredible compact Mace, self defense unit that's available in Pink or Black! This unit reaches 5 feet and includes 6 short bursts. As mentioned before, since it's small it also is refillable, very convenient... You can purchase separately the KeyGuard Refill for this compact unit and never run out of pepper spray!

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