Friday, September 4, 2015

Protect Your Home With A Nightstick Stun Baton 5 Million Volts Rechargeable!

Take the first step against home intruders with a powerful stun baton that includes 5 million volts of takedown power, an alarm and adds convenient distance from an invader.
This particular unit reaches 13.5 inches, a comfortable distance from a home intruder. Just the electric sound it makes will scare off any burglar. It's called the Nightstick Stun Baton 5 Million Volts Rechargeable! The baton also includes a bright LED light to temporarily blind a home intruder and a loud alarm, making it a two level protection, when you include the 5 million volt baton...  The most important feature of this unit, is of course, it's 5 million volts of self defense. If it is held against an individual long enough, it will render him helpless and immobile, while you call for police help! This incredible unit also includes shockers on the sides, which prevents the individual from grabbing the Nightstick Stun Baton from you!

The rechargeable unit with alarm, also has a rubberized armor coating that protects the non lethal weapon and insures a firm grip, along with a disable pin as well.  Plus, to sum it up, this 5 million volt unit includes a HOLSTER and a LIFETIME WARRANTY, from manufacture'r defects!

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