Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Beautiful And Powerful With Police Strength 23% Pepper Spray, Only $12.95!

This police strength Zebra pattern unit for women, is not only beautiful with raised velvety stripes, reflective button and keyring with keychain clip... It packs 23% of hot pepper spray, unlike some in the market that only have 10%.
The police strength zebra holster's wide top opening allows a women's finger to shoot the spray, even when it is buttoned up. Just turn the safety lock and press down! All us ladies have to do is aim at an attacker's face, especially into the eyes. The police strength 23% concentration will make an attacker or rapist slam their eyes shut from all the pain. The self defense unit will also cause a burning sensation on the skin, and respiratory system, if he or she inhales it!

This Police Pepper Spray w/ Pink and White Zebra Holster reaches 5 to 7 feet and contains approximately 6 bursts. As other self defense pepper spray units, it also includes an Invisible UV Dye, that marks an attacker. This will help authorities identify the right individual, if apprehended. 23% Strong, beautiful and perfect for women's self defense!

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