Thursday, September 24, 2015

Discover The Mace Pepper Guns, Easy To Use And They Reach 20 Feet! Navy Blue Unit Is On Sale $49.99.

You've seen the videos with cops using pepper spray guns... Well, they aren't the only ones that can use these self defense weapons that reach 20 feet. Citizens can purchase and use them, too!

If you are looking for some personal protection, that won't kill a person but will free you of getting hurt, the Mace Pepper Gun, is for you! This unit is perfect for women or men's self defense. It's easy to use and can reach up to 20 feet away. This non lethal weapon, consists of a canister, that allows for 6-7 bursts of the hot substance. The weapon comes with 1 pepper cartridge and 1 practice water cartridge. Of course, you can also buy extra cartridges from our store! The Mace Pepper Gun includes an LED light that blinds an attacker temporarily if you shine it into their eyes. This Mace gun can be shot at any angle, even upside down!

PLUS, if you purchase the black unit, it also includes a STROBE light along with the LED light.

The non lethal self defense units that reach 20 feet, are available in pink, navy blue, silver, camo and of course, black! The Navy Blue unit is on sale for Only $49.99 (regular price $59.99).

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