Thursday, September 10, 2015 Has Many Disguised Stun Guns For Self Defense!

They look like ordinary products you use all day, such as a cell phone, lipstick or perfume... But they really are self defense stun gun units, to protect you against attackers or rapists!

If you go to our website you will discover many non lethal weapons. These units will not end a life, like a firearm, but they will prevent most attackers or rapist from hurting you. The important thing is to always carry them with you at all times. Especially when you are out and about!

At, we have many convenient disguised self defense units to pick from. They are under the Disguised Stun Guns category. All the products in this section of our site are disguised to look like a cell or smart phone, lipstick, perfume or pen. There's even one that is a functioning Walking Cane with a flashlight, that includes 1 Million Volts of takedown power! The canes are convenient for the handicapped or senior citizens you might know of, such as a your grandparents.

Self defense has never been easier, with so many stun gun options to pick from... We even have disguised lipstick or perfume units that no attacker would even think, they were weapons! We're sure you will find the best unit for you or for your relatives and friends. If not, you can always contact us through the phone or leave a message. We'll call you back to answer any of your questions.

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