Thursday, September 17, 2015

Do You Know What Pepper FOAM Is?

Most people have heard of pepper spray, but many haven't heard of self defense units that have foam, instead of a stream of liquid.
This Mace self defense pepper foam unit for women or men, shoots white foam that sticks and expands 600% when it reaches an attacker's face. Therefore, it basically engulf's a criminal's face with powerful heat. 

Besides the fact that it expands 600%, it's also thicker than the liquid stream units. This in turn makes it harder to wipe off and less likely to blow away in windy conditions. It's called the Mace Pepper Foam, and it will penetrate the eyes, nose and most likely the mouth, with excruciating heat, pain, coughing and crying! The attacker would have to close his eyes from all the heat devastation, allowing women to make a safe escape.

This Mace pepper foam which expands 600%, also includes an Invisible UV Dye that marks an attacker, which in turn helps police identify and apprehend the dangerous individual. Perfect for women or men's protection!

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