Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One Incredible Stun Gun With All The Bells & Whistles!

Talk about being prepared... When it comes to self defense products, this one gets a home run! Everything you need in one little unit measuring only 4.75” x 2.5” x 1”. Take it with you when you're out and about!
Don't let the size of this small red and black self defense unit discourage you. It's features are more than you would ever expect and an attacker's worse nightmare, all rolled up in one incredible unit! It's called the Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun 9.5 Million Volts. Plus this unit has features most other stun guns don't have... Such as red flashing emergency lights and a 130dB alarm, as well! See it's features below.

Stun Master Multi-Function Features
- 9.5 Million volts of takedown power
- Incredibly loud 130dB alarm, most stun guns don't have alarms
- Rechargeable, no batteries needed
- Large handy LED flashlight
- Includes red flashing emergency lights
- Wrist disable pin; won't work if attacker takes it from you
- Measures: 4.75” x 2.5” x 1”
- Free nylon black holster
- Lifetime warranty from manufacture'r defect

The self defense Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun with it's 9.5 million volts and 130dB alarm, will drop an attacker to the ground, by simply "touching him or her". Just keep touching them until they fall to the ground and become immobile and incoherent. Then, leave the scene as soon as possible! Don't forget that it also includes flashing emergency lights that can become handy, as well!

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