Monday, September 14, 2015

Walking Cane For Hiking and Walking In Your Neighborhood

This ZAP walking cane was made for hiking in the wilderness, but it's also perfect for using it in the city, as well! Plus, it can be used as a stun gun for self defense, with it's 950,000 volts of non-lethal, takedown power!

It's called the Hike 'n Strike Walking Cane by ZAP, and it's great to carry around wherever you go. The unit is perfect for outdoor lovers as well as for city dwellers and includes a stun gun for personal protection!

If you like being in the wilderness, this walking cane is for you. It includes a hand strap, flashlight with removable cap and a stun gun for self defense, too! This hiking cane, also has a handy wrist strap and can extend from 29 to 56 inches. It can be used as a regular walking can for the handicapped as well as for senior citizens.

Whether you or someone you know likes hiking in the wilderness or simply go walking in the city, this Hike 'n Strike Walking Cane with 950,000 volts stun gun for self defense protection, is the perfect solution to stay safe! Plus, batteries are included.

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