Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Driving To Your Summer Vacation Destiny?

If that's the case, you probably might be interested in finding out about a special little gadget. Are you scared of falling asleep while driving to your vacation destiny? Caffeine, is not the only thing that could keep you awake!

Take the Nap Zapper with you on long car trips, to keep you awake, instead of using caffeine.
Photo by markhillary
Falling asleep while we drive is one of the main reasons, many of us have car accidents. We either are exhausted from work, not getting enough sleep, or simply dosing off when we drive on long trips. But, us Women On Guard, are here to tell you that there's a little thing called the Nap Zapper. It can literally wake you up, if you start to doze off!
Nap Zapper keeps you awake while driving a car, truck or if you are a nightshift worker, security guard or student, trying to study.

Too much caffeine is not good for you, especially if you want to go straight to bed, once you get to your vacation destination, after your long trip. But you wouldn't have to worry if you had a Nap Zapper. This little baby attaches to your ear. If it detects that your head nods forward, it will sound an alarm, in our ear, that awakes you! Unlike caffeine that keeps you wired, you can go straight to a bed and sleep when you reach your vacation destination. The best thing is, that you won't be exhausted the following day, since you had a good night's sleep!

The Nap Zapper is not only great for long car trips or for truck drivers, but also for security guards, nightshift workers and even students that tend to fall asleep while studying, instead of staying up to prepare for a test.

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