Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our First Pink Stun Baton For Women

Who said that only men can carry nightsticks around? Women can too and this one has 7.5 Million Volts of powerful take down power!

Stun baton with grab guard stun strips, shocks attacker if they try to take it from you.
All the stun batons that we have seen are black, but on our website, you can now purchase one that is beautiful, pink and perfect for women's self defense. This Pink Mini Stun Baton with 7.5 Million Volts, allows for a 12 inch distance between you and a would be attacker. Perfect for us women to take out when walking our dog after dinner… It's also handy to keep by your nightstand. If you have a baseball bat under your bed, you can now donate it to your neighborhood's little league team. It's also great to have near your home entrance door, in case someone tries to push themselves into your territory!

Pink Mini Stun Baton Self Defense Features:
• Powerful 7.5 Million Volts of protection
• Grab Guard Stun Strips, prevents attacker from taking unit
• Bright and handy LED flashlight
• Rechargeable, just plugs into a wall socket
• Rubberized armor coating protects unit and insures a firm grip
• Long reach allows 12 inches of separation
• Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
• Nylon holster convenient for carrying
• Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturer's defect

This pink baton for women, offers self defense at a one foot distance! Simply touch an attacker with this one foot, baton and watch them fall to the ground and become helpless. This weapon can also shock from it's sides, as well! If an attacker tries to grab it from you, they will get stunned because electricity also runs down the sides of the unit!

Ladies, there's no excuse for going unprotected anymore!

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