Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Universities Not Taking Rape Claims Seriously

Is your daughter going to college this year or has she been attending? It might be in your daughter's best interest, to find out how her university goes about sexual assault claims.

Top American universities have too many women sexually assaulted.
Photo by Ken Lund
Many public colleges, including some of the best USA ones, don't seem to take rape seriously. It looks like 5 out of the 25 listed by Forbes recently in 2013, as Top-Notch, failed when it came to sexual assault cases.

West Point: 
Rugby team disbanded for email chain w/derogatory remarks toward women... Females (at least a dozen), video taped in showers... University sued for failing to prosecute students accused of committing rape.

University of California, Berkeley:
The campus was accused of not reporting campus crimes accurately, according to the Clery Act.

Unites States Naval Academy:
3 Football players for the Academy were charged in June, for raping women.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill:
A Title IX complaint was filed by 3 women, with OCR, regarding them and 64 other students assaulted... Dean pressured to underreport sexual assault cases... A female student was punished for intimidating her rapist, by the university's Office of Student Conduct.

University of Colorado, Boulder:
A filed Title IX complaint was given to the university.

The list goes on and on... There was even a female student at the University of Southern California who was told by campus officials and police, that she wasn't raped, because the alleged attacker, didn't have an orgasm!

If you think that the middle east has problems regarding women being raped, think again! According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network), every 2 minutes, someone gets raped in our own country. Sexual assault rates in colleges are even higher!

Source, JEZEBEL: Katie J.M. Baker and Laura Beck

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