Thursday, July 18, 2013

Traffic Light With A Camera, Should You Be Concerned?

You probably are wondering; So what?… it's probably for ticketing people that don't stop for a red traffic light. Well, that's not all it's used for!

Cameras next to traffic lights are spying on you!
Photo by jseattle

Our society is slowly but surely turning into a surveillance, spying one. Singapore is an example of a surveillance city. Where you can actually be ticketed if you drop chewing gum on it's sidewalks. Literally a surveillance city. Are we headed that way? No doubt in my mind.

Those cameras you see next to traffic lights in our society, are not just for police to ticket you. They also are for spying on you, to know where you go, how often and at what time. These cameras, next to traffic lights are being used by police to track criminals and other occurrences. Your license plate lets authorities know who you are and where you're going, 24/7! Don't worry about cars now having some sort of tracking device. Now a days, everybody is being tracked, on the road and wherever you shop, go to school or work. They know your routines because they literally are spying on you!

Plus, most of these footages from cameras of our society, are saved for years by police, not just for a week or so… Many citizens are confronting authorities regarding how long these files are kept in their city records. Due to citizen action, some municipalities are being restricted on how much time, they can keep the videos for.

Do you know how long your city keeps videos of you? Are you concerned?

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