Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Will Airports Be The Next Trend For Shoppers?

What do we mean by this? Well, have you heard of the Mexican woman that has been basically living in the Cancun airport since June 30th, 2013?

Strange or demented woman, eating, sleeping and bathing in Cancun Mexico's airport.
A female passenger walks through
the Cancun airport terminal. (AAP)
Her name is Marcela Silvia Montano Mancera and she's not poor, she has been withdrawing money from teller machines. Marcela eats, sleeps and bathes at the airport. She has been approached by airport officials, but they by law, can't make her leave the Mexican airport. According to them, she hasn't begged for money, or committed any crime, so they are unable to force her out!

OK ladies, will airports be the next trend for us women? The "Marcela Silvia Montano Mancera" shopping trend for women? Might be pricey but heck, you won't have to pay to clean yourself and you can shop and eat, 24-7! Perhaps once you have checked out all the merchandise, you can just jump on another plane with a destination to Milan! There, you can check out some of the latest Italian fashions and proceed to the next airport in Paris! Marcela Silvia Montano Mancera might be the next example of "extreme shopping" for women. I say lets become her fans and follow in her shopping footsteps... Just kidding!

Seriously though, she might have some kind of mental issue. Mexican authorities should have a doctor see her. Perhaps diagnose her condition and send her to a hospital, or maybe a mall!

Source: Yahoo! News

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