Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Some Family Traditions Are Lethal

It's the stuff that bonds us together. Memories are made with them and they define us through family traditions, from one generation to the next.

Father teaching his infant son, how to shoot a firearm, before he is even in elementary school!.
Photo by pocketwiley
Do you remember the first time you took a puff of a cigarette? What about the first time you took a sip of beer? Or the first time you held a gun, were you scared? Did you like any of those things? Probably not, and that first impression should have deterred you from doing it again… But peer pressure and family gatherings, changed your attitude and you went along with the firearm "tradition". Even though it went against your natural instincts.

If your father or mother drank, smoked or had a gun, you most likely were taught by them on how to drink, smoke and shoot a weapon. Basically; monkey see, monkey do! That is the never ending cycle of why most American families carry firearms. It's a tradition, carried from one generation to the next.

If you're reading this blog and are getting angry about it's message, you are most likely teaching your child to "carry".

It's no wonder that Americans are hooked on guns and other firearms… But, a family can be very powerful, without the use of lethal weapons. We are not saying to stop using weapons, just consider the non lethal ones, such as a Taser. This way, you won't land in jail and nobody gets permanently hurt or killed. And… No, we are not pushing Tasers, we're just tired of seeing the lives of Americans, especially children, wasted away by all the bullets flying around.

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