Thursday, July 11, 2013

If You Live In Illinois, You Now Can Carry A Concealed Gun

Hand gun with lethal bullets are now allowed to be carried in Chicago Illinois.
Photo by R0Ng
Chicago, Illinois, is one of the most violent States in our union, when it comes to killings with guns. In fact, it probably is at the top of the list, for citizens with lethal weapons. 

The NRA scores again. This time in Illinois, where this last carry law was passed. It's no surprise. The NRA is one of the largest lobbying groups in our country. Let's just hope that the State will not allow lethal weapons in bars and other sensitive establishments. Common sense tells us that guns and alcohol are not a safe combination!

There is a question Women On Guard® has, regarding why many States that allow guns to be carried, don't allow a weapon such as a Taser.  A Taser is powerful enough for police to use it, but it's also non lethal. Yet, Illinois, doesn't allow their citizens to carry Tasers in Chicago! However, they are permitted to carry these units in other cities in the State with a valid conceal carry permit... I guess that will remain one of those mysteries of life or bad/corrupt judgements when it comes to allowing citizens to carry non lethal weapons. Maybe we should start a lobbying group similar to the NRA's, but call it the NTA!

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