Monday, July 1, 2013

Looking For The Strongest And Best Built Stun Gun?

Well, you found it! It has 8 Million powerful volts with features that are out of this world… Available in Pink and in Black. Plus, it's affordable, only $37.46!

A portion of the proceeds for the strongest pink stun gun, goes toward the fight against breast cancer.

Sometimes men and women need to take matters into their own hands, when it comes to self defense and their family. Relying on a stun gun weapon is the most prudent way to deal with crime. Since these weapons are non lethal, citizens can protect themselves and not end up in prison for a felony!

The affordable Strongest Pink or Black Stun Gun 8 Million Volts are so powerful, that just touching someone for 2 seconds, will cause someone to have muscle spasm and mental confusion. If you keep touching them in self defense for 3 to 5 seconds, they become helpless! They will drop to the ground from loosing total muscle control and become completely confused or in a mental daze! Plus this self defense weapon makes a very intimidating crackling sound. Just setting if off, in advance, into the air, will make any dangerous individual stay away from you!

• Powerful - 8 Million volts
• Rechargeable - No batteries required
• Flashlight - Large LED light, temporarily blinds a person
• Disable Pin - If unit is taken from you, it becomes inoperable
• Rubberized Armor Coating - Prevents slippage and protects unit
• Safety Switch - Prevents accidental discharge
• Holster - Black with belt loop
• Affordable - Only costs $37.46
• Lifetime Warranty - Against manufacturer defect

Plus... If you purchase the strongest PINK stun gun, a portion of the proceeds go towards the fight against Breast Cancer!

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