Monday, July 8, 2013

Need To Hide Your Valuables Somewhere?

It's always a challenge to find the perfect spot to hide something from others. Especially if it's something valuable like jewelry or money!

A disguised safe is cheaper than a real safe and is more reliable to hide your money or jewelry.
But it doesn't have to be that complicated. All you really need is a hidden safe. What's that you might ask? Well, its a small compartment disguised as an ordinary item. One example is a can of Engine Degreaser! This is a pretty unique one, because no one would think that you would keep your jewelry with the dirty garage stuff… Especially not inside a spray can!

We have many types of diversion or Hidden Safes for your valuables. They look like regular items you would find in a home. According to the Chicago Police, hidden or diversion safes are more reliable to hide money, than expensive compartments. Plus a whole lot cheaper!

Lets focus on the Engine Degreaser Can Safe! This is a very handy one to have. First of all, you need to place it where it belongs. Best place would be your garage. If you don't have one, a utility room would do. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to get your fingers dirty with grease and place some black fingerprints on it, too! This would make it look more authentic. This handy Engine Degreaser Can compartment, measures approximately 6 1/2" deep with a diameter of about 2 1/4" round. Plenty of room to hide your valuables, such as money or jewelry.

We recommend that if your diversion can compartment has extra room, after you've placed your valuables in it, that you fill the empty space with a rag or cotton. This prevents it from having a funny sound, if someone decides to pick it up and read the label! Oh, and by the way, if you open the top, it does have a spray nozzle. But of course, nothing sprays out!

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