Monday, July 15, 2013

UFO Personal Alarm Is Out Of This World!

Protect you stuff at home or in the office with this UFO Personal Alarm that can be placed on doors, windows, drawers or closets.OK, it's kind of strange to have a personal alarm that looks like a flying saucer or UFO. But heck, it's interesting looking and people might think it's just a tape measure or a funky looking small purse...

The UFO Personal Alarm is out of this world because you can use this alarm for personal safety, PLUS, to prevent burglars from breaking through your door or window. But it's not just for preventing burglary, you can use it on a dresser or desk drawer, not just a door or a window. This unit will let you know if someone is getting into your stuff! You can use it on your bike, as well! The average burglar would notice that your bike has an alarm and probably wouldn't want to mess with it. It won't protect your bike like a lock would, but it could deter theft! It includes detailed instructions for various applications. Let's not forget that you can carry it with you as a personal alarm, tool! Plus it's available in white, pink, blue or green.

The UFO is the only unit we sell that you can actually set and activate, while you're stepping out of your home, if you attache it to your home entrance door! It's activated in a sneaky way so that people won't know it's there, but you will! Most inexpensive alarms are activated only from the inside of your home... Sure beats paying for an expensive home security system to protect your doors and windows!

The UFO Personal Alarm Includes:
• Loud 120db alarm
• Alligator clip
• Rubber shim
• Short and long wrist strap
• Keychain
• 12V battery
• Screwdriver

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