Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Vacation, Nightclubs and Pepper Spray w/Tear Gas

Women need mace pepper spray for self defense in nightclubs.
Photo by BruceTurner
This summer, as previous ones, there are many people that take vacations. No doubt that nightclubs will fill up and there will be some sort of altercation or drama… You can count on it!

If you are a woman planning to go nightclubbing on your vacation, take precaution. Wise-up and make sure you are prepared, for "whatever"! Women, know too well, that when there's alcohol, there's drama and also dangerous drunks. Someone looses their temper and before you know it, it's no longer a nightclub but a wrestling match or worse, a sexual predator, looking to take advantage of a woman.

Here's where Mace comes to the rescue! But this is not just any defense spray, it also contains TEAR GAS! It's called, Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Soft Case. It comes to the rescue of women for "whatever", all over our country and will be there, when you need it! That is… if you take it with you.

Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Soft Case for women's self defense against attackers.What's so special about this Triple Action unit? Well as mentioned before it's the tear gas, besides the pepper spray. It gives pepper spray an extra punch of protection for us women. Not only will an attacker have his eyes and entire face burning from the pepper and tear gas, but he will be coughing and chocking his head off! Plus, since his eyes will be closed from all the burning, he will not be able to see you. This will open a window of opportunity, to escape safely.

• 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC or pepper)
• CN Tear Gas
• Reaches up to 10 feet away
• Contains 5, one-second bursts
• UV Dye, marks attacker for police
• Glow in the dark locking safety cap
• Leatherette case with key ring
• Expiration date under cannister

Add this Mace item in your purse this summer and enjoy your summer vacation, without any dangerous confrontations… And remember, aim for the eyes!

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