Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pepper Spray For The Fashionista In You!

If you like to keep up with the latest fashions for women, you probably have heard of Dooney & Bourke. Well they just came out with their own version of a very powerful 23% pepper spray!

Most powerful pepper spray for women's self defenseThis Haute couture weapon has the strongest concentration of OC, we have so far for women. It is 23% police strength pepper, versus others out there that are only 10%. That's 87% stronger than it's competitors. It's called the Limited Edition Dooney & Bourke Pepper Spray, and was made for fashionable women, like yourself, in mind!

This 23% police strength unit can be sprayed even if the top of the pouch is closed. Just turn the red lever to the right and press down! It's inside an attractive leather like pouch that has a strap with a swivel bolt snap key clasp! The unit reaches 5-7 feet and contains 6 shots. Plus, as other devices we sell, it contains a UV Dye to enable police identification if the attacker is caught!

Check this unique Limited Edition Dooney & Bourke Pepper Spray at WomenOnGuard.com. Protect yourself and become the envy of your fashionable friends! Always keep it handy and ready to be used, if you anticipate any trouble.
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