Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Prepare For Your Child's Safety In College, In Advance!

It's never too soon to make sure that your daughter or son can defend themselves from crime, when they attend college or a university.

Protect your daughter or son from crime in colleges or universities, by buying a door brace, window alarm and a stun gun.
Before you go shopping for the basics, such as notebooks, backpacks or writing utensils, consider your child's safety first. We all know that college or universities are not the safest places in our society, anymore. In fact, national news has taught us of the contrary. Plus, it's a known fact that more women or girls get raped in college, than anywhere else in our society! Boys are also victims of bullying or theft!

This is why we developed 3 special self defense college or university packages. One of them in particular is called the College Dorm Safety Package. It consists of a door brace, a window or door alarm and a 5 Million volt stun gun. The Door Brace works in both sliding doors and regular doors. The Window Alarm doesn't require wiring and it's a no brainer to install. And finally, the Keychain Stun Gun 5 Million Volts, will protect your child from attackers with powerful takedown power. Just the sound it makes, will deter anyone from approaching your daughter or son. It is available in black or pink! PLUS, if you purchase the pink stun gun, a portion of the proceeds goes to fight BREAST CANCER!

You might also consider 2 other self defense university packages: College Safety Package and the College Self Defense Package. Plus there is another one called the New York Safety Package, which is great for the city and for higher education facilities, that don't allow stun devices on campus.

Send your daughter or son to a higher education facility or university, knowing that they are physically protected, as well as exceptionally educated.

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