Friday, June 28, 2013

Looks Like Perfume But It Isn't!

It's a pretty little case for women, that's disguised as a heart shaped perfume. It comes in pink, purple or black and you can put it in your purse or pocket. But sometimes, looks can be deceiving…

Women need  a pepper spray weapon, to go to nightclubs or for blind dates.
You're ready to go out on a blind date or meeting some friends at a party or nightclub. Got your essentials in your purse, or do you? Does your purse include a self defense item or weapon? How sure are you that your blind date will be courteous? Are there going to be trouble makers at the nightclub? This is why us women need to carry some protection and the Perfume Heart Shape Pepper Spray, is the perfect solution for our escapades!

Need more details, regarding this disguised pretty perfume, self defense weapon for women? Well, it contains 5-6 bursts of the hot solution! Which by the way, contains 18% pepper versus other sprays that only have 10%… When shot, it can reach up to 7 feet away! The pepper solution also includes a special UV Dye that is useful for police if they apprehend an attacker. The dye will show up if he is placed under a police Ultraviolet lamp.

It's very simple to use, just take the disguised perfume top, off the weapon and press the spray button for self defense. Maybe you can pretend that you want to freshen up a bit, but instead, aim it him! Best thing is to go for the eyes. It will hurt so bad that he would have to close his eyes and become temporarily blind. Besides that, the solution will make him cough up a storm, his face will burn like hell, making him totally helpless. This gives you an opportunity to get away!

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