Tuesday, June 4, 2013

After Dinner Walks In The Spring

The weather is perfect right now to enjoy the outdoors and nothing feels better than to stroll around the block, after dinner!

Woman walking with confidence in her neighborhood block.
Photo by longhairbroad
Unfortunately, many women are hesitant to go around their own neighborhood blocks, especially after dinner, when it's dark out. Doesn't that sound crazy? But it's the reality for most American women. Sometimes it makes us feel like we are a prisoner of our own home. Gone are the days of childhood, carefree enjoyment of the outdoors? No way! This is not acceptable. We should feel safe when we walk, just like men do.

How so, you might ask? By carrying with us a women's self defense weapon, of course! There are many self defense weapons us ladies can carry that are not lethal, but powerful enough to escape becoming another female victim of a crime. Mace or StreetWise products, such as pepper spray, stun guns and personal alarms, are all crime deterrents. Us women can also carry Tasers in most States! Citizen Tasers that are as powerful as what the police use. Also, carrying a stun gun with you on your evening strolls is one of the most liberating feelings you could have… Just as men don't even think twice, to go for a walk around the block, we shouldn't either!

So empower yourself and digest that dinner while walking around your neighborhood block. Just grab that Mace pepper spray or StreetWise self defense weapon and live it up! Life's too short… Don't wait around for some make believe hero that is going to keep you safe. Check out our Mace or StreetWise pepper sprays, stun guns, Tasers and personal alarms. Take charge of your own personal protection!

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