Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Video Cameras For Every Cop?

We heard a couple a years ago, about police contemplating wearing small cameras to report their daily activities.

Photo by ABC News
Presently there have been a few departments that have been using them. They are made by Taser International and video footages are also kept by Taser. They come in handy in court cases, because Taser can simply retrieve the files. The response from police officers has been mixed. Some say that they don't like big brother, looking over their shoulder. But, other cops like the fact that the accused sometimes are less aggressive and behave better, because they are aware that they are being video taped.

This camera captures video and also sound. It's very small and attaches to a pair of glasses. It records how the police treat people and also how people treat the police. This is definitely a good thing! If cops are around to help keep the peace, taping a person that confronts him or her, should be tracked. Recorded evidence is a very strong tool in courts.

But there is one thing about this practice that just doesn't sound right. Presently, cops that have these cameras also have control of when to use them. This leads to bias recordings. Officers may choose not to get footage, that might incriminate them. If cops are going to use cameras as an evidence tool in court, they should be recording the whole time they are on duty. No switching off or pausing any footage! This will produce non-bias recording that will benefit officers as well as the public.


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