Friday, June 7, 2013 Accepts International Orders

Most of the orders we send out are domestic, but that doesn't mean we don't ship international orders as well. Some products however, are restricted to send internationally.

The reason cannot ship some product orders to other countries is due to the laws in those countries. Many of them have laws that prohibit citizens from carrying pepper spray, stun guns, stun batons or Tasers. But has products that are available for sending abroad. All the items under the categories below, can be shipped to other countries: ships hidden safes, affordable home and personal alarms, 
International Shipments
• Personal Alarms
• Home Protection
• Hidden Safes
• Fake Security Cameras
• Special Offers
(No stun guns, pepper sprays,Tasers)

Of course there are also extra mailing fees, since orders get sent internationally, instead of domestically. Plus customs forms are filled out, in order for the products to be sent abroad.

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