Thursday, June 6, 2013

Does Your Dog Get Loose Often?

Well there's a website that you should check out… It sells a pet collar called; Tagg The Pet Tracker. This wonderful item lets you know how your dog is doing health wise, as well!

If your dog or cat gets lost somehow, this Tagg The Pet Tracker will let you know his or her whereabouts, by simply using your computer, iPhone or Android smartphones. You can also create a zone where your walking buddy is allowed. If they go beyond that zone, you will be notified! No more worries of loosing your pet, family member. It also informs you how active your dog or cat is. This will help you and your veterinarian determine, if Fido or Fida, for that matter, is getting enough exercise! So it monitors your companion's activity level and where he or she may be, if they are lost!

What does it cost? According to the website, it's $99.95 and includes 3 months of tracking your companion's health and whereabouts. After that, you pay $7.95 each month for the location and activity tracking service. The service can also be cancelled at any time. You don't have to lock into a time period, like cable services require!

We think that Tagg The Pet Tracker, is a pretty good product idea. Especially if you have a dog that likes to once in a while, have his or her adventurist escapades and can easily get lost! If you have a cat… well, we all know they get out and about more often than we would like them to! It's also very convenient to have the health information.

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