Thursday, June 20, 2013

Taser MP3 Player Holster

Did you know that you can carry a Taser for self defense and listen to music in one convenient holster?
Self defense taser equipped with a holster that plays MP3 music.
Taser MP3 Player (Leopard Taser, not included)
If you haven't heard about these Taser MP3 Player Holsters, your not alone. Very few people have heard about them. We are one of the few or perhaps the only place where you can still purchase this accessory for your self defense weapon!

Whenever you are approaching a risky area, it's not safe for you to be distracted by music… But, if you carry your weapon while you are aware of your surroundings, this MP3 Player, is very enjoyable to listen to. The unique item also has a magnetic cover that makes it a breeze to cover your weapon. It comes with all the accessories required to enjoy your songs! Whether you want to listen to music as you walk around the city, a park or even the beach, it's also convenient to carry personal protection!

Carry your self defense Taser in this MP3 player holster and enjoy up to 1GB of your favorite music!

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