Friday, June 21, 2013

Carry An Unnoticed And Refillable Mace Unit

This Mace defense pepper spray is for minimalist women who prefer compact items, but need to carry personal protection.

Some proceeds of the pink Mace Keyguard for women, go to charitable organizations.

It's called the Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray and it's compact, just 3.25" x .5"! The unit shoots 6 cone shaped blasts and reaches 5 feet away. Plus, unlike most pepper units, it's REFILLABLE! Since it's small, it doesn't hold too much of the hot substance, so the fact that it's refillable, is very convenient. It also includes a key ring, allowing you to attache it to your keychain. A safety cap prevents accidental discharges, as well.

The Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray for women or men, comes in Pink or Black. If you purchase the pink pepper unit, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to these charitable organizations: The National Center for Victims of Crime, Project Against Violent Encounters and Casting for Recovery!

Shooting the pink or black pepper compact spray unit for self defense, into someone's eyes and face, will make their eyes slam shut, due to the burning sensation. This temporarily makes an attacker blind. The refillable unit's contents will also penetrate the mucous and respiratory system that in turn causes a coughing attack! While the attacker is distracted by all the pain… you can escape safely.

Women, should always be prepared in advance whenever they foresee threatening situations. Always carry yourself with confidence and never allow strangers to perceive you as defenseless and weak! Attachers mostly target women that look helpless and vulnerable.

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