Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There's A New Taser In Town!

Many of you are familiar with the Taser C2, that was designed with women in mind. Well this one is not as slick, but it's full of features the previous citizen ones lacked. It's called the Taser X2 Defender.

Let's start with it's appearance… It looks like something out of Star Wars or something Angelina Jolie would carry in a movie! It's available in two colors; black and yellow. Besides all the features, that will be listed below, the basics regarding this unit are as follows.

The new Taser X2 for civilian self defense, includes features not found in the previous C2 unit.The Taser X2 Defender can now shoot 2 cartridges, one after the other, without having to load the extra second one. This helps you defend yourself, against 2 aggressors. Plus, once both cartridges are used, you also have the option of using the unit as a stun gun backup! Simply touch any other aggressor with the front of the unit and watch them also fall to the ground. Even if you don't touch a person and simply press to display the electric current with it's intimidating sound… someone will think twice before approaching you. Talk about empowering women! Of course, men can use it too...

Taser X2 Defender Other Features:
  • Dual laser sight shows you with a red dot, exactly where both probes will land
  • Deployed probes can reach 15 feet away
  • AFID tags for police identification of rightful owner, if unit is stolen
  • Battery is good for 500 firings
  • Weighs only 11.5 ounces
  • Trigger presses easily and you won't get pushed back when you shoot the probes
  • IPX2-rated, it resists extreme weather conditions
As always you will need to pass a felony background check through WomenOnGuard.com, that takes just a few minutes, in order to purchase the weapon. The package includes: Taser X2 Defender, 4 Smart 15ft cartridges, 1 power magazine, 1 practice target and a manual.

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