Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Stun Gun and Personal Alarm In One!

There aren't that many stun devices around that also include a personal alarm… It protects you with 500,000 volts and at the same time, alerts others that you are in danger.

This self defense weapon includes a 500,000 volt stun gun and a personal alarm.
This is the newest addition to our website. It will replace the 200,000 and 400,000 units that are still up for grabs, and going fast, in our "Special Offers" category. The new StreetWise Stun Gun 500,000 Volt weapon is affordable, ONLY $26.96!

You can't tell by just looking at the picture, but this unit is only 4 9/16 x 2 x 1 1/16 inches. Small enough to place in your pocket and it will definitely fit in your purse. This self defense unit also has a convenient belt clip that you can directly attach to your pants, if you don't wear a belt. A wrist strap disable pin is also included. What is a wrist strap disable pin, you might ask? Well, if you place this strap around your wrist and someone takes the unit from you, it will disable the stun gun. The attacker can't use the unit against you, because it will not work without the wrist strap! Let's not forget that the weapon also has an ear piercing 130 dB personal alarm! It's very loud and people will be able to hear it, if you are in a dangerous situation. Very few of these devices include personal alarms! This self defense 500,000 volt stun gun also includes a safety switch, which prevents it from accidentally, going off.

Touch a person for a couple of seconds with this affordable $26.96 weapon and watch them fall to the ground and become helpless! Then run like hell!

This affordable self defense unit which includes a personal alarm, also has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! It does require a 9 volt battery which is not included. You can purchase it at our store or on your own.

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