Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Safe Are Your Children Around Your Pool?

Summer has officially started and kids love to swim and play in the water. Are you sticking around to watch them?

Children in pools need to be protected from drowning.
We all know that unfortunately, many children drown during the summer. Constant supervision from a parent is a must, to prevent drownings! If you have a pool in your backyard, making sure your little ones stay out of it, when you are not around, can be a challenge and a safety issue. Toddlers, especially are amazed at how pretty the water looks and how much fun it would be to take their toys in it. They don't think about the possibility of drowning.

It is virtually impossible to keep an eye on your children, especially a toddler, for 24 hours a day! Having some sort of safety device for your water hole this summer, would be a good idea and give you some peace of mind. Many pool owners use portable fences around their water hole. But, there is another safety alternative, a Pool Alarm.
Summer fun for children in pools can sometime lead to drownings.

The Pool Alarm will notify you, inside your home, if someone or something has fallen into your water hole! It will give you peace of mind, because it has a sensor that will detect if your child or your pet, for that matter, falls into it. You can also deactivate it by putting the unit in the sleep mode. This allows your children to get into their fun pond! The sleep mode is a great feature! Plus, unless someone knows how to sleep it and they try to deactivate or steal it, it will also trigger the alarm!

Read more details about how this alarm prevents danger, on our website! Enjoy the season and future ones, without confronting any drowning issues.

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