Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Affordable, Yet Powerful 3 Million Volt Stun Gun

If you are one of those women that needs a powerful weapon for self defense and are on a budget, as well, we have the perfect one for you!

It looks like something from a science fiction movie and built with 3 million powerful volts. This unique weapon has a sturdy grip, to prevent slippage and will allow you to easily touch a person with it, for self defense! The electrical noise the Touchdown Stun Gun 3 Million Volts, makes alone, will make someone step back. Touching someone with it, will bring them down, hence it's name, Touchdown! Plus remember that just because it has the word "Gun", doesn't make it lethal. We don't sell deadly weapons, only non lethal ones at WomenOnGuard.com!

Normally a stun gun for self defense, such as this, costs twice as much. But since it is included in our Value Series, it is definitely affordable for women or men. For only $23.96, it includes terrific features that more expensive stun guns have! The unit is also rechargeable, no cords… It actually plugs into a wall outlet on it's own! This stun gun has a bright LED flashlight that temporarily blinds a person, if shined at their face! The Touchdown also has a safety switch, to prevent accidental discharge and it includes a holster, if you prefer to wear it on your hip, like Angelina Jolie would… just saying! It's small enough for us women to carry it in our purses, as well.

As if all the above wasn't enough for self defense, this 3 Million Volt weapon, also includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer's defect! Oh, one more thing, the unit itself measures 5 1/2' x 2' x 1'.

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