Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Most Popular Pepper Spray

We have and sell many kinds of pepper spray, but the most popular among our customers are the Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2 oz 18%.

Pepper spray hard cases come in many colors, can reach 5-7 feet away and shoot 6 shots.
It's no surprise that women tend to favor these colorful things made by SteetWise! They aren't only pretty, they pack 18% concentration of pepper. Other self defense sprays in the market contain only 10% of the hot substance. With grooves in the front to prevent from sliding from your fingers, they offer a good grip, which is important during an emergency! Of course, they come with an easy tab that you press down, to shoot the defense spray. This tab is turned to the side to prevent accidental discharge when you don't need it.  Also attached is a handy belt clip! This allows women to clip it on a belt, or your pants, pocket, backpack, etc. These self defense units also include a convenient key ring.

When you aim this popular, self defense item at an attacker's face and eyes, it will burn, almost twice as hot as the weaker ones in the market! Plus, it will mark an attacker! That's because, the Hardcase 1/2 oz 18%, also includes a marking UV Dye, that's invisible to the naked eye, but not to police officials! The UV Dye helps police identify an attacker, if he or she is captured, because this UV Dye shows up when the police shine an ultraviolet light on the suspect's face. Therefore, officials have confirmation, that they have captured the right person!

Take the bottom cap off, by pulling it, not twisting it, to see the expiration date.These StreetWise beauties, made popular among women, come in 6 different colors. Each contain approximately, 6 bursts and they can reach 5 to 7 feet away! It's important to keep in mind, the expiration date of the unit. Expiration dates are inside the plastic cases. Just take the plastic bottom off the unit, by simply pulling hard, not twisting, the attached ring. The expiration date will be underneath the aluminum canister that's inside the plastic case.

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