Friday, June 14, 2013

Pepper Spray Has Passed The Test Of Time

Last year the police gave pepper spray a bad wrap, during the 99 Percent riots. But the history of the hot substance has had a positive influence in ancient and modern society throughout the entire world.

Photo by Palinopsia_Films
Heavy aluminum casing allows the mace pepper spray to also double as a Kubotan!
Mace Pepper Spray Baton
Pepper spray is sometimes called OC which is short for Oleoresin Capsaicin. This weapon can also contain Chloroacetophenone, or CN, which is usually called tear gas. History information includes that it was first used by ancient Chinese wars, by Swedish, King Charles the XII in 1721, in World War I, etc… In the United States, the FBI started using it in 1963 and the Postal Service in the 1980's, used it to deter dogs from biting postal workers!

The hot substance is available under different brand names, such as Mace, StreetWise, PepperShot, etc. Some people think, for some reason, that Mace is a different type of OC, but it really isn't. The Mace brand does sometimes include tear gas, but so do other brand manufacturers as well…

Pink Pepper Spray Hardcase with UV dye, reaches 7 feet and contains 6 shots.
Pink Pepper Spray
Hard Case
The fact that history and our country's police officers, include this hot substance, should tell you something! Placing the 99 Percent riots and the police aside, OC has been a life saver for many people in our society. Women, especially, have benefited from it's self defense power and it's affordability. Plus, women like that it's non lethal and won't land you in jail! Many men use this self defense product as well… For example, you probably have noticed male motorcycle riders carrying small keychain batons that contain OC! Plus many people use disguised sprays, like the ones that we sell at, which look like lipstick, perfume, pens, etc. These go by unnoticed by the general public!

So next time you want to buy a self defense product, consider one that has passed the test of time… The very old, but reliable, more powerful and definitely improved, pepper spray!

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