Sunday, June 2, 2013

Give Your Father Something He Will Really Find Handy!

Most fathers expect ties, socks and maybe a cap, for Father's Day. But you don't have to give him a boring gift, give him a unique one. Really surprise him with something he can really use or feel good that you got it for him!

Car emergency tool includes; cell phone charger, flashlight, car window breaker, seat belt cutter and a blinking emergency beacon.Men like to keep themselves and their family secure. But we're not talking about expensive home security systems. Our focus is on unique products your dad or husband, will love.

Among the products our store offers, one is a must for your father! If he drives, he will love the Car Emergency Tool. It has a cell phone charger, flashlight, car window breaker, seat belt cutter and a blinking emergency beacon. It all works by a winding DYNAMO CHARGING SYSTEM. No need for replaceable batteries. The rechargeable battery inside the unit, gets charged by a crank on top of the dynamo Car Emergency Tool. So even if he has no electric power, he can still signal to other cars for help, or he can use his, just charged up, cell phone. This dynamo tool has all the features he might need, in case of an emergency. This is one gift he will cherish on Father's Day!
Powerful small stun gun includes 5 million volts, flashlight, rubberized exterior and is also rechargeable.
But there are also other unique gifts your Dad will like on his day… For example a powerful 5  million volt small stun gun that he can add to his keychain. Instant self defense whenever he may need it! There are many stun guns you can pick for his special day, such as a police tactical flashlight with a 5 million volt stun gun… He might even want to replace that old bat from underneath the bed, for one of our stun batons! No home should be without one.

Your Dad or husband, will be impressed that you actually gave him a gift that he can actually use, anywhere he goes!

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