Thursday, March 14, 2013

3 Lipstick Weapons You Can't Do Without

Lipstick has never been so powerful and stylish and our website has 3 self defense models to choose from, that will stop him on his tracks!

Fashionable lipstick stun gun with Mace and Pepper Shot  stylish pepper sprays.
We are talking about a fashionable stun gun and two pepper sprays that are disguised as lipstick. The element of surprise, when you use these weapons, will catch them off guard and give you the upper hand!

Lets start with the stylish Lipstick Stun Gun, by StreetWise. It looks like a black fashionable container, but it contains 950,000 powerful volts of self defense and a disable pin, in case he wants to use it against you! This disguised RECHARGEABLE stun gun, also has a handy LED flashlight and a safety cap.

Moving forward… we have the stylish Mace Lipstick Pepper Spray weapon. It comes in a fashionable pearly pink container and can shoot Mace pepper spray up to 10 feet away. This Mace weapon contains 6 bursts and includes an invisible UV dye, that will mark an attacker, in case authorities need to identify him.

To sum it up, we also have the assorted colored Pepper Shot Sprays. They come in 5 colors; silver, pink, blue, red and black. These can shoot up to 6 feet away for self defense and contain 5, one second bursts. They also have a safety cap and a UV dye for police identification.

There you have it. There is no excuse to not have something to defend yourself with! Plus, they're non lethal, so you won't go to prison if you use them!

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