Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New York Safety Package

WomenOnGuard™ added a new package to our store. Since we're not allowed to sell pepper spray or stun devices to New Yorkers, we gathered some safety items that would be convenient  for any New York resident to have.

This New York Safety Package includes 5 different items. Below is a short description of all of them.

Dual Function Door Brace - Good for sliding and regular home doors. Just place horizontally for sliding glass ones and vertically inclined, with the 'U", under a regular door knob. It's made of 20 gauge steel and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Keychain Personal Alarm with Light - This unit has 130 decibels. The alarm can be activated by pulling the key chain or pushing a button on the top of the unit. It includes a convenient LED flashlight and key ring. Battery included.

Heart Attack Keychain Protection - Remember when self defense experts would tell women to place a key between their fingers and punch an attacker with it? Well this weapon is much better, sharper and built with very hard plastic. Add it to your keychain!

Kubotan - This is a great self defense weapon that is used in martial arts. The personal protection weapon is best used against bony surfaces, soft tissue and nerve points. 4 Colors available, in pointed or flat ends.

2 Door and Window Alarms - No special wiring required, these 105 decibel home alarms will alert you if someone trespasses through a regular sliding door or window. It's not just convenient to place for example on windows, but it's great for cabinets or drawers that you don't want your children to get into... Batteries are included.

We hope this New York Safety Package will offer more personal safety for you and your family, at home or when out in the city!

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