Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taser Saves A Life In New Jersey

Sayreville Police Badge

Another reason why Tasers are the best weapon to use for self defense and in this case, to defend the life of a suicidal man.

Yesterday, a 46 year old man from New Jersey called the Sayreville Police, stating that he wanted to kill himself. The police were on the the phone with the individual for over an hour, trying to convince him, to not commit suicide.

When the New Jersey police arrived at the distraught man's home, he was holding a knife to his neck. The officers tried talking with him some more, trying to convince him to drop the knife.

When the man actually started to cut his throat, one of the officers shot him with a non lethal Taser. This obviously stopped the New Jersey man from committing suicide. He was sent to the hospital for his self inflicted injury.

People, more often than not, tend to dislike the use of these non lethal weapons. But in this case, it helped save a life. Tasers save lives many times, every day of the year. Not exactly with suicides, but with stopping criminals. Back in the day, officers would have to use firearms to stop crime, which sometimes ended in a deadly manner… Tasers DO SAVE LIVES and are the best weapon for civilian's self defense, as well.

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