Monday, March 18, 2013

Us Gals Need A Lifeguard To Save Us!

South Beach Miami
Photo by Mr. Usaji
You can purchase one for only $23.96 and have personal protection anywhere you go. These Lifeguards have a lot of take down, muscle power. They are very affordable and even though they're cheap, they can still rescue us women from danger.

Ladies, we are talking about the Lifeguard Stun Gun 2.5 Million Volts for self defense! What did you think we were referring to? Seriously, this small unit, and it is small, is very powerful for it's size and it's cheap too. Measuring 4 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide and only 1 inch thick, it's very impressive, considering it has 2.5 million volts of self defense power!

       - 2.5 Million Volts
       - LED flashlight
       - Rubberized, slip proof
       - Safety switch
       - Rechargeable, just plug in
       - Nylon holster included
       - Very affordable: $23.96
       - Tiny compared to other units

It's actually the cheapest, well us women like to call it the most affordable stun gun for self defense, our store carries. We are proud to offer this $23.96 little Lifeguard! Not the beach kind, but the stun gun type, to women or men! Plus, remember to have the unit in your hand and ready to use, when you are hesitant about your surroundings. You won't be able to get it quickly if it's inside your purse...

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