Monday, March 25, 2013

What is Pepper Spray Foam?

Many women are unaware of this thicker self defense weapon. But it's been around for a while and we carry the Mace and Streetwise versions.
Mace and Streetwise pepper spray foam is less vulnerable to windy conditions.
Mace Foam Large and Magnum Models. StreetWise Pepper Foam with Key Ring.
There are two advantages when us women use foam. First, when it lands on an attacker's face, it expands about 400 percent! This causes the attacker to not only have the hot pepper spray in his or her eyes, but all over their entire face. The foam creeps rapidly causing the eyes and for that matter, their entire face, to burn. They would immediately have to close their eyes, therefore causing them to be temporarily blind! Plus, they will experience shortness of breath and a coughing attack. All of this fussing will give you an opportunity to escape from harms way! Second, the foam is heavier than the more common stream version of defense sprays. This makes it less vulnerable to windy conditions and even more importantly, less likely to blow back at you!

Both the Mace and the Streetwise pepper spray versions of this devastating self defense foam, contain an invisible UV Dye. This dye, will mark an attacker's face, helping police identify them, if they are captured. Mace foams are available in Large and Magnum canister models. Streetwise offers this weapon in one size, inside a Black Soft Case, with a handy keyring included.

It's important for us women to carry some sort of self defense weapon. Pepper sprays are very affordable and effective. They have passed the test of time and were even used by ancient Chinese warriors, back in the day… It worked back then and it still does today!

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