Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Police Aren't The Only Ones That Can Carry Batons!

The Peacemaker stun baton is rechargeable and includes an LED light and holster
Peacemaker Stun Baton

It's that black stick that the police usually have hanging from their belt.  But some citizens are unaware that they too, can carry these security stick weapons. Better yet, they also have electric voltage, just like stun guns do!

Our store carries 5 different Stun Batons. One of these weapons expands to 21 inches long! Some are as small as 10 1/2 inches long. These beauties can come with alarms, LED lights, some are rechargeable and these babies range from 800,000 volts to 6 million volts! Heck these things are better than the ones hanging off the police's hips!

Powerful 3 million volt expandable baton with holster.
Expandable Stun Baton
All you have to do is set off any of these police like weapons into the air and just the electrical shocking noise they make, will scare anybody away! If you just touch a home intruder with one of these, they can fall to the ground, lose total muscle and mental control, rending them totally helpless. Talk about home security! Plus 2 of the stun gun batons we sell, have extra shocking metal strips on the sides, to shock an attacker if he tries to grab it from you! But these long stun guns aren't only for the home, you can take them with you when out and about, especially at night, or when you walk your dog, to protect them from other aggressive dogs. In fact, as stated before, if you just set it off into the air, any canine will back off! Oh, by the way, all of these batons have holsters, for easy carrying, too.

So if you've been hiding a baseball bat under your bed… It's time to upgrade and start using some state of the art, voltage protection for personal or home security. All of our batons have a LIFETIME WARRANTY from any factory defect, as well!

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