Monday, March 11, 2013

Safe Place in Austin Texas Gets Donation From Us

This is the 28th ongoing, crisis center, pepper spray donation. WomenOnGuard™ started donating nationally, back in 2007. This next donation is for Safe Place, in Austin, Texas... Since our website’s inception in October of 2006, we vowed to help women stay safe.

Safe Place is located in Austin, Texas and has several programs and services, to help the surrounding community. A 24-hour Hotline for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence is available, as well as hospital help for victims of rape. This includes forensic and physical medical service. The Safe Place also offers counseling, legal assistance and emergency shelter for victims. They also work with the Stockton-Hicks Family Tree Child Development Center & the University of Texas - University Charter School, George M. Kozmetsky Campus, for the care and education of children that belong to the victims. To get more information, you can visit the Safe Place website.

We also wanted to mention that besides the pepper spray donation above, WomenOnGuard has added several pink self-defense products on our website for which a portion of the proceeds, goes to fight BREAST CANCER. Included in these products are pink pepper spray, pink stun guns and some disguised items such as cell phone and perfume stun guns. You can find them under the Pepper Spray, Stun Gun and the Cell Phone Stun Gun categories. All WomenOnGuard's products for self defense are of course, non lethal. These special pink products will not only help a person when confronted with danger, but will also help to find the cure for BREAST CANCER, as well!

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