Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Self Defense a Must for Public Transportation

If you take public transportation, you know that there are plenty of shady looking characters out there that also use your city's public service.

Fast transit public transportation dangers
Photo by Groume
I know, because I was dependent on the fast transit system in Atlanta, GA, way back in the day… Believe you me, it was not fun taking public transportation during the dark winter months, when the sun would go down, by 5:30 PM! It was during that time, when I decided to purchase a self defense weapon that turned out to be a non lethal 200,000 volt stun gun.

Women taking a public transportation bus
If you take public transportation, be it fast transit or a city bus, you need to carry a self defense weapon in your pocket, purse or backpack. A non lethal, Mace personal protection product, Streetwise pepper spray, stun gun or even a Taser, would help keep you safe when one of these shady characters gets a bit too close! Many people, as I did, have to walk through large parking lots, to eventually get into their car and take a short drive home. Carrying a pepper spray, stun gun or Taser enabled and ready in your hand, is of crucial importance, in order to avoid violence against you.

Just like you need a seat belt to drive your car, you should carry a self defense product for personal protection. I know, I felt much safer and empowered when I got that weapon, years ago! You too, should not worry about a shady or violent character harming you! Check out our pepper spray, stun guns and Tasers at Feel safer while taking public transportation.

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