Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Looking for a Personal Alarm?

WomenOnGuard.com has a whole category dedicated to personal alarms. They are very convenient for college students, women who use public transportation, the elderly, handicapped individuals, children or simply anyone that wants to notify others, if they are in a dangerous situation.

Small alarm for self defense, also includes a motion sensor to let you know if someone is stealing something from you.
Personal Travel Alarm
Many students use personal alarms on campuses, to alert college police when they are confronted with danger. Nursing homes use them for their elderly patients as well. They elderly can notify a nurse if they slip and fall… Since there are so many reasons and places where these units are used and how they are used, our store has a good assortment of different ones to choose from.

Go to our Personal Alarms category… You can find a personal alarm to protect children, it notifies mothers when their children wonder off! There are some for doors and windows, to protect your home, hotel room or dorm. Also included is one for people that travel a lot. It includes a motion sensor, that notifies you if one of your possessions is being moved without your consent. WomenOnGuard.com also has a unit for drivers, to make sure they don't fall asleep, while at the wheel! There are also aerosol, high pitched units and even a dog one, to deter aggressive canines. Many have LED lights and extra features such as accessories for doors and windows, too!

The alarms at WomenOnGuard.com are reasonably priced and come in various sizes and colors. Check them out for yourself or for someone you know that can benefit from having one.

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