Friday, March 15, 2013

You Have To Admit, They Look Pretty!

But the reason you should carry one, has nothing to do with how pretty they look… Their prettiness is just a bonus.

Pretty soft case pepper spray weapon attached to purse
18% Pepper spray colors with key ringThey are the StreetWise 18% Pepper Spray Softcases, and they aren't just pretty, they also deserve respect. Why? Because they are 46% stronger than most other similar self defense items out there. 10% Is what others have, and the 18% makes a difference! It's hotter and therefore more painful and devastating to an attacker. An aggressor's eyes will burn so much, they would have to shut their eyes tight, making him or her, temporarily blind. This weapon will also give them a coughing attack and burning sensation throughout their face!

These soft case beauties contain 6 shots of pepper spray for self defense and they can reach up to 5-7 feet. They also are equipped with invisible UV Dye. This will help police identify an attacker if captured. These pepper sprays are available in 7 colors and you can conveniently attach them to your key chain or purse. These pretty yet respectful weapons are available in bulk rates, as well.

Always keep your 18% self defense soft case weapon opened and ready to be used, when you feel uncomfortable in a situation or in a deserted place, like an alley.

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